5:01 Fridays @ Farm To Fork

//5:01 Fridays @ Farm To Fork

5:01 Fridays @ Farm To Fork

We’d like to take this time to welcome and invite everyone to a completely new happy hour concept and experience. It’s 5:01 Fridays @ Farm to Fork, a revolutionary idea whose time has come. This special time of day warrants so much more than beer and wings and considering what you’ve had to endure this past week, well we feel you deserve exactly what we have in store for you. Foodies, wine and craft beer lovers, this is your dream event. Oakland Park’s Farm to Fork cafe caters to those in search of creative, healthy and delicious dining options.

5:01 Fridays @ Farm to Fork will feature the best in wine and craft beer tasting and pairing sessions, all new concepts in happy hour finger foods and bites as well as cooking demos by some of the area’s best and brightest upcoming chefs. Each week will feature a different menu offerings that are sure to change your entire view of what happy hour is all about. Remember, it’s 5:01 Fridays for the ultimate in happy hour celebrations.


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