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The Art of Happy Hour & Lifestyle Events

The Art of Happy Hour & Lifestyle Events

The Art of Happy Hour & Lifestyle Events

Welcome to 5:01 Fridays

Welcome to 5:01 Fridays

Welcome to 5:01 Fridays

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5:01 Fridays @ Swirl Wine Bistro

June 8th, 2018|

Here’s a little something for all of you wine lovers, it’s the ultimate weekly wine lovers happy hour. Come join us for 5:01 Fridays @ Swirl Wine Bistro located at 1435 Lyons Road in [...]



Finally, 5:01 Fridays is here! It is the ultimate in lifestyle socials!

Happy hours were the norm, but with the creation of this showcase (inspired by Florida living and all things tropical), Celebrate Paradise Inc., it’s partners and affiliates have come together to bring the working professional news of unforgettable events. These new series of exciting Happy Hours are now becoming well known and quickly expanding internationally!

For attendees of 5:01 Fridays’ events, our purpose and goal is to serve as an introduction and guide to a wide array of recommendable restaurants, bars, shops and attractions. Each of these make up their city’s landscape. Florida is without a doubt one of the world’s biggest travel and vacation destination. With that in mind, 5:01 Fridays was created!

You have worked hard to earn the lifestyle you live. Now, let us guide you to live it on a more enjoyable level. 5:01 Fridays will stir you away from the mundane showing you events in sights and places where good times and pleasurable experiences await. Great food, tasty drinks, happy music and beautiful locales is what you can experience, all among the warmest and most inviting people you will meet.

Remember the name, it is 5:01 Fridays“The Art of Happy Hour!”




Our daily happy hour events are designed to showcase and feature the offerings of our participating venues. Every event will be used as a tool to introduce attendees to what’s new and exciting while branding 5:01 Fridays as the premier after hours experience.



Specail events will consist of our larger monthly, quaterly and annual events the company hosts such as our pop up, concert and festival events.



Our mixers are designed for smaller, more intimate offerings that focus on events that are geared towards cultural, culinary and beverage tastings, samplings and pairings.



At 5:01 Fridays we believe the cities and counties that house the venues hosting our events are as important to our success as the venues themselves. With that being said we’ve taken extra measures to insure they’re prominently featured in all that we do. Our city/county promos give our event attendees a special insight and view into everyday life in those areas.